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Tips to Create a Popular Blog That Generates You Stable Income on Free Trial CPA Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


So, you already know how to use your blog for affiliate marketing purposes, right? But a more fundamental question is – how to make it popular enough and get a loyal audience before you start adding affiliate links and promoting BizProfits’ high-converting CPA offers? Today, we’d like to talk about the fundamentals of effective blogging and creating a solid platform for generating stable affiliate income.

Start a blog devoted to a more general topic, e. g. healthy lifestyle
You will have to earn at least some credibility before you can successfully begin promoting offers. Giving tips and advice on a healthy way of life
healthy_living_blog seem an ideal prerequisite for promoting lifestyle products. Naturally, there are plenty of blogs devoted to this topic, and to stand out you will have to provide valuable and unique content. Value of content is probably the single most important criterion that will help you beat the competition.

Do not be afraid (or too lazy) to write longer posts – diet overviews, exercise recommendations, surveys, etc. Studies show that longer content gets more social shares. Probably the main reason is that readers associate length with value. While it’s not always true, you can still use it for your own purposes.

Naturally, to meet your readers’ needs and wants, you’ll have to do a little research and come up with a content strategy. A good way to understand what readers want to find in a healthy lifestyle blog is to review a variety of similar resources before you start your own. It’s quite easy to evaluate popularity of a certain blog by the amount of comments and social shares of posts.


You can also get ideas by browsing pages of relevant communities on Facebook or other social networks, health websites, magazines and newspapers, etc. You might even use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to see what people are interested in and use it to attract more traffic to your blog.

By the way, every blog must have a purpose. Without it, your efforts will be too scattered. Focus on a certain domain, e.g. healthy ways of losing weight and cleansing one’s body, and align your post topics accordingly. If you do so, it will be only natural if at some point you start reviewing effective weight loss products, such as our Pure Asian Garcinia CPA offer.

You don’t need to cover all possible categories of readers – just the ones who are likely to be interested in the products you want to promote. The quality of the target audience beats quantity – as always.

Mind you, getting noticed and trusted might take a while, so be patient and prepared for some work.

Personality-1Make it personal and conversational
Simple and personalized writing is the key to being liked by readers. They have encyclopedias to get dry theory, but your blog is an alternative source, which makes information much more digestible and simply – fun. At least it should make it so. This is why experienced bloggers share their own views, but justify them with examples, case studies and expert opinions. You can also make your posts look like friendly dialogue by spicing up your writing with questions. For this same reason, encourage feedback and never ignore comments.

We have already talked about sharing your own experience, and we’d like to stress it once again. Would you rather listen to a naturally slim person or the one who went through all rounds of hell trying to lose weight? Exactly! That’s why talking about what you’ve been through and letting them know more about your personal life will help build trust.

In short, make sure your blog has a (charismatic) personality. If you succeed, people will be more inclined to trust the recommendations of the products you’re promoting.

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