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Top 4 Trends in the Affiliate Marketing for 2018

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

You can’t know what 2018 brings, but we are here to help you build up a perfect strategy for your marketing performance.

Here are 4 main marketing trends you need to be aware of if you want to rich the highest ROI:

1. Content & SEO make a revolution

They say content is a King. It still holds its throne in 2018! No matter what your preferred vertical is, no matter what you choose to promote – a service or a product, pay attention to the content. Be ready to generate more and more and think out of the box.

It is true that users fall for discounts, beautifully designed banners, and sale alerts. But they are more likely to also learn about the product, compare and estimate its pros and cons. If you want the customers to return and order again and again – make them confident in their decision! Provide in-depth information, add testimonials, create engaging and unique content – this will build loyalty to your product. It requires time and efforts, but it’s worth it.

SEO goes hand in hand with the content. 2018 specifies three main points you should focus in the SEO strategy: content quality – the better quality content is ranked higher and more likely to attract users; voice searches – the fifth of all searches are now made from voice search, so you should start using language-derived keywords for your target audience; links – add value to creating high-quality links as well, this trend is here to stay.

2. Videos engage more users than you think

The year 2017 stats show that videos make up 90% of user shared content. They are displayed everywhere you go – social media, tutorials, lives, product demos. This visual wave becomes crucial for affiliate marketing, as the user gets easily wrapped into watching a video on a website.

The top-marketers worldwide are now including videos into their strategy roadmap and increase the budget accordingly. They have realized that videos engage and attract traffic and that’s 100% truth. By the year 2020, the video content is believed to make up 82% of all global internet traffic through various sources:  Facebook, Instagram Live, YouTube, Snapchat and more.

FYI, with AR (augmented reality) experiencing a rebirth, marketers can also use AR to their benefit, converting it into effective means of reaching their target users.

3. Native ads are going wild

Native ads continue to be one of the most effective marketing tools. The research says that users spend as much time viewing native ads as the regular content. Native ads “hide” your product placement, delicately noticed by consumers and visitors. Due to the fact that native ads “mimic” the surrounding content, they can be shared.  This gives native ads the unique ability to be shared by users and go viral, comparing to banners or display ads.

Business Insider forecasts that native ads will be in provide almost 75% of all ad revenue by 2020, which makes this instrument super necessary for everyone dealing with marketing, especially, affiliate marketing. Make sure you consider the right placement and implementation to secure the success of your campaign.

4. Go mobile or go away

It is definitely not surprising that mobile devices are becoming the most popular devices of choice, outplaying laptops and desktops by almost 25% year upon year. Right now more than 55% of users prefer to use their smartphones for any kind of online activity. Do you ever leave home without your phone? We can see people scrolling the news during lunch, making purchases online in a traffic jam. No one takes a website seriously if it is not mobile-optimized, agree? That’s why if you don’t want to be left behind, mobile ads should become your top priority in 2018.

Did you know that Google has made an important announcement –  mobile content will be indexed as a priority with their new mobile-prioritizing algorithm. It basically means that your website’s mobile-readiness index will affect the ranking results. If you have a weak mobile strategy, you’re losing a fortune!

We wish you skyrocketing earnings this year!

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