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Using Social Networks for Recruiting Affiliates – An Insider Look

Written by: Eyal Elbaz Promotion Tips


As the world we are living in is becoming more technology-driven, social media recruitment is gaining significant importance. Social networks are designed to help users get to know each other and establish online relationships that sometimes generate years of partnerships and a huge amount of income for both sides.

Social recruiting has become the No.1 tool for reaching out and finding relevant groups and potential business partners for all sorts of niches. Not surprisingly, the leading social platforms for recruitment are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, mainly because of the number of active users and the easy way to approach and communicate with them.

For recruiting to be truly social, one needs to build a community, facilitate communication within that community, and rely on social connections between community members to recruit. As a result, relevant groups have been created and a lot of active recruitment is happening inside those groups. The social platforms allow you to search for such groups using relevant keywords but it’s your job to check which of them are active and worth your time and which are not.

One of the most important tasks of any affiliate manager is recruiting affiliates. Besides posting banner ads, attending conferences and using relevant forums, social networks seem to be the next most effective, fast and dynamic way to recruit new affiliates. Each of the social networks allows you to add, follow or connect with new “colleagues” within the guidelines of each platform. As a representative of a company, it’s important for you to follow the relevant terms and conditions. Any mistakes or violations of rules can get you blocked or even worse – stain your reputation. Needless to say that it is bad for you and for the company you represent.


As affiliate managers (and as affiliates trying to earn second-tier commissions by referring new people), our social network profiles become our business cards and our posts and comments can attract or keep away potential partners. There is a great responsibility of keeping the posts clean and clear, and making sure your personal approaches to other people are legitimate, polite and civil.

Look for groups that allow users to engage and share their posts, offers, ideas and comments. Comment and like posts that you have something to say about and most importantly, share your knowledge – you will be surprised at how much you know!

The main benefit of social recruitment is that you search and meet people around the world, which by itself can expand your business opportunities and marketing potential. The very idea that virtually any person with Internet access and basic learning skills can make money online is amazing, and being able to reach them through social networks is even more exciting.

Whether you are an affiliate manager or not, use social recruiting wisely and remember that your posts and comments are engraved in the blogosphere forever. The content you publish or share has to be legitimate, well written, respectable and relevant. Good luck!

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Eyal Elbaz

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