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Are You Using Video Product Reviews and Testimonials to Promote Products?

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips


If not, you should be. Video is the next big thing in marketing. According to Cisco, by 2019 video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic and around a million minutes will be shared every second. Impressive, if not scary.

Obviously, the engagement value of videos exceeds that of written or still graphic content; otherwise, it wouldn’t be spreading exponentially. This is the reason why brands, as well as solo affiliate marketers are actively using videos to pursue their promotional goals.

Currently, we are working on integrating videos into our promo materials, but we also encourage you to make your own efforts in this domain. A quick analysis of video efficiency yields the following observations:

If you are using a video testimonial on a prelander, it is likely to increase the attention span of a visitor and make them stay longer on the page, as well as try to look through other pages.

Perception of the body language of a person talking appeals to the viewer on a subconscious level. It builds trust and refutes doubts.

Seeing the product packaging in real life (size etc.) helps reduce the number of returns.

Using videos ultimately increases the conversion rate. It is easy to fake a text review, but one has to go to great lengths to fake a video testimonial. Customers understand that.

Pages with video content receive 157% more organic traffic and attract 3x as many monthly visitors.

It is obvious that video reviews and testimonials have taken the social proof factor to a much higher level and started a new era in customer engagement.

As a performance marketer promoting third-party products, it is the best course of action for you to use UGC (user generated content) reviews and testimonials. Where to place it in the conversion funnel is only up to you. Integrate it into a prelander, make it an intermediary stage between ads and landing pages, or use it independently. Here are a few quick recommendations we can give.


Minimal video testimonial/review requirements:
• Under 3 minutes
• Focuses on the product instead of the narrator
• Points out good AND bad characteristics (to a reasonable extent)
• Natural – no robotic script reading
• Has acceptable lighting and sound (it’s easy to see and hear what is being said)

Integrating a video in a prelander:
• Place it at the top to increase the probability of viewing
• Do not autoplay – it might be considered intrusive. Users are still not sure they like it in social media feeds
• Track the performance of the video – how many users watched it and for how long

Using a YouTube video
A YouTube review can become a powerful source of traffic for CPA offers. The main condition is (besides the general requirements listed above) that you should optimize it to boost its search ratings. The procedure of looking up keywords for YouTube is a no-brainer and is pretty similar to what you would do to define keywords for Google SERP. You can type in a query and use search prompts:


Or you can use a dedicated service, such as, to find keywords specifically for YouTube and a certain geographic location (you will get the keywords with a free version, but you won’t be able to unlock the data on search volume, cost per click and Adwords competition).


When a video has been prepared and uploaded, pay attention to its description (the line of text that appears on the YouTube search page and under the video itself once a user clicks through). It should summarize the contents and contain a keyword or two:


The SHOW MORE part can serve purely for SEO purposes (i. e. be crammed with keywords), provide links to your social profiles or whatever it is you deem necessary.

Still not sure you need video content? Here is more relevant statistics compiled by (that happens to provide a solution to collect video testimonials from customers):

                            63% of users are likely to purchase a product from a site that has product reviews

                            79% trust online reviews as much as their friends and family

                            77% read product/service reviews before they make a purchase

                            90% admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

There is hardly anything to add. Video is taking over the Internet, and you could be using it to your own benefit.

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