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Vote for Our Network in the Blue Book 2016 CPA Survey!

Written by: Kate Almog Affiliate Marketing Events


Good news – this year, BizProfits is participating in the Blue Book 2016 CPA Survey of CPA networks. The survey will announce top 20 companies voted for by affiliates and advertisers based on a few important factors such as the quality of offers presented, financial stability and trustworthiness, sufficient innovation, reliability of tracking, quality of service, etc.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire and vote for us at the Blue Book survey page. All you will have to do is tick a few boxes and write “BizProfits” in the “What’s your favorite CPA network?” field. There are a few optional fields where you can (but don’t have to) describe your best experience with our network, suggest changes and even name your favorite account manager.

Being one of the top 20 will help us grow and expand, find new advertisers and affiliates, increase the number of offers and verticals and generally, make our network better. Your vote can be decisive. We count on your support!

About mThink BLUE BOOK Top 20 Network Survey

The Blue Book survey has been conducted by mThink for five consecutive years and is based on real opinions of active merchants, affiliates and agencies. It takes into account reputation, influence, size and popularity of participating networks and defines those that have won the biggest trust and respect of its users.

Along with the poll, the survey factors in expert opinions, traffic data, measures of industry influence and other performance indices. All of these make the BLUE BOOK Top 20 Network Survey the biggest and the fairest evaluation of major players in the field.

Help us grow and improve our services. Vote now!

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Kate Almog

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