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Want to Earn Big And Try Something New? Check Out Our New Range of External Lifestyle CPA Offers!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


Are you dreaming of taking your affiliate profits to a new level? Then you should highly consider ramping up the number of CPA offers you are promoting. No matter if you want to take up the promotion of other products of the same category or try something new, a bigger arsenal of offers usually translates to higher commissions.

As the number of affiliates at CPA network continues to grow, we have decided to extend our range of offers to fit all kinds of needs and wants. The first batch of new lifestyle offers arrived only a month ago, but we have already prepared 20 more!

All the new offers come from well-trusted advertisers and represent lucrative promotional opportunities. To take a quick look at new offers, proceed to the New Offers page at BizProfits CPA network.

If you already have good traffic for products of a certain category, you can now offer your customers a better variety of them. For instance, customers interested in anti-aging solutions will be eager to try an instantly working serum available under the new Hydroxatone CPA offer, or a celebrities’ secret to rejuvenation promoted under the Kollagen Intensive CPA offer.
example-cpa-offerAnother way to increase your income is trying the categories you haven’t promoted before. Our Hair Growth category features the new Keranique CPA offer, where you can promote FOUR products at once! How’s that for an additional factor for customer attraction? In fact, a few new offers include product combos instead of just single products, which boosts their promotional potential.

The arsenal of geo-targeted offers has increased and now includes the French Nitroxin CPA offer – a powerful male enhancement supplement adjusted for French-speaking customers.
high-commissionsThe commissions offered for new health and beauty CPA offers are as high as the rest of our offerings, e.g. the commissions for the new in-demand PowerPumpXL and Pure Muscle Gain CPA offers from the sports nutrition category are up to $42.50 CPA.

There are also a few things in store for affiliates appreciating cross-sell opportunities! A few of the new offers, such as the Pure Garcinia Cambogia CPA offer, possess well-matching and well-paid cross-sell/upsells.

In fact, almost all categories represented at BizProfits affiliate network have grown by a few offers. For a complete list of the new health and beauty CPA offers available for promotion, visit the Offers page. Affiliates will be able to choose the ones that fit their needs best and can start promoting it straight away.

Not an affiliate of ours yet? Join the BizProfits CPA network, and you will see just how profitable and rewarding our offers can be.

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