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We Are At It Again! Check Out The New Forskolin Mobile!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


So, it’s been a week or two since we last introduced in-house offers and it’s just about time for another installment. ForskolinFit Pro was next in line for optimization and refurbishment. As before, we started with the mobile version. Since the supplement is so versatile and can be used effectively by both men and women, we’ve decided to make two mobile versions respectively and thus give you a chance to target your male and female audiences separately. Check out how cool they look now:


The website content has been tweaked to capture the attention of more impatient mobile users, as well as enriched with more appealing imagery and layout. There are some usability improvements such as a Call Us button for easier communication and a 25% faster loading speed. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

The second piece of news we have is a new Forskolin w/toon CPA offer. The main difference is that it conveys the message to users via two channels – visual and auditory. In other words, once on the website, a potential buyer will read AND listen to product information at the same time. If you were able to achieve good results with the regular ForskolinFit Pro offer, imagine how much more you can achieve with this new addition!



Forskolin w/toon CPA offer details:
• Features a popular weight loss and sports nutrition supplement called ForskolinFit Pro
• Equipped with a a conversion-enhancing feature
• $50 CPA commission and $50 for Pure Colon Detox as a cross-sell

See the corresponding offer page in the diet & weight loss offer category.
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