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We’ve Already Started Fulfilling Our New Year Resolution. What about You?

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


We believe the secret of success is in constant development and that improving how we serve our clients is a continuous goal. This exact method of thought has become our resolution for the year 2016, which BizProfits CPA network has already begun to work towards.

It’s been a true pleasure to observe the amazing conversion rates of our diet ‘w/toon’ CPA offers and so, continuing this work seemed to be the best course of action. This is why we’ve decided to give most of our old and well-loved offers a remake. Regular versions will still be available, of course, in case you want to stick to something you already know, but using the new animation-enhanced offers is strongly recommended for better results (two times the conversion rate is no joke).

Speaking of which, the BioActive Raspberry CPA offer, as well as its UK-based analogue, have now joined the animation crowd! Check out the dedicated website and the UK-targeted website. Needless to say, the animations are adapted for different target audiences.


For those who don’t go for innovative changes easily, we’ve also redesigned mobile versions of the regular BioActive Raspberry Ketone CPA offer and the UK Raspberry CPA offer. Take a look at them at the Diet & Weight Loss offers page. The mobile designs have different layouts, more contrasting colors and various other means to attract mobile users. The changes also apply to our White Label offerings provided for power affiliates.

To prove that we’re dead serious about revamping most of our original offers, we’ll tell you this: Forskolin is next, and we’re planning to go even further to customize the free trial offer for different audiences.

By the way, since you are already browsing through BizProfits CPA offers, make sure to take a look at the new Teeth Whitening vertical – it’s a highly popular choice of experienced performance marketers. Few things can make the customer happier than a good teeth-whitening solution.
That’s all our news for now. If you are not working with us yet, join BizProfits for unrivalled commission rates, regular payouts and multiple other benefits. Always ready for cooperation, BizProfits CPA network can help you reach unbelievable results in performance marketing.

P.S. It’s been a great pleasure to meet all of you who attended Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. We believe it was a start of mutually beneficial cooperation with some and an audit of our strong business relationships with the others. Hope to see all of you at the next summit!

P.P.S. And just for a good laugh, here is how we are NOT going to treat our New Year resolutions:


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