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Why Being Honest In Affiliate Marketing Campaigns May Lead To Unexpectedly High Conversions

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

Even though old school marketing may present different opinions on sales funnels and advertising techniques, it never doubts the basic rule of thumb: to sell a product, you need to emphasize its strengths and pretend its flaws do not exist. This rule has been in service for decades and sometimes even borders on the purely absurd, as marketers refuse to see an elephant in the room.

elephantWhat we offer you to do will drive any self-respecting old school marketer crazy.

It will also make you doubt our sanity and expertise.

We’re willing to go for it though.

Here it is: be honest and don’t hide your flaws.

Do not discard this approach just yet; here is more to it: instead, make flaws look like benefits. It will filter out customers that were not likely to buy from you anyway and attract those who will account for the largest amount of sales.

How to be honest in an affiliate marketing campaign?


Naturally, marketing honesty is a different kind of honesty. Here is what you can do to make your offer less misleading:

Do not try to sell every person visiting your website. Tell who will benefit from the product and who will not. Make narrow specialization of your product one of its main advantages.

Explain what your product doesn’t do AND say that instead of being versatile it brings double effects in a certain area.

Describe circumstances that might limit the efficiency of your product and explain how to avoid them.

Take note: if there are ways to adapt your offer for other groups of customers, be sure to mention them.


Do not act blind about the downsides! Admit the flaws and turn them into benefits. If a product has a higher-than-average price, make sure to explain that quality ALWAYS means higher costs.  If you don’t have a state-of-the-art website, don’t ignore it and announce that you are more concerned with improving your products than upgrading your technical means. Be more ‘human’ – customers will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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