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H&B isn’t the easiest vertical, but those who have mastered it reach solid profits. Here you will find actionable tips on the traffic monetization in the Health & Beauty niche, and some reasonable advice from our side.

But until we move on, let’s define what H&B vertical includes, just to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Health and Beauty products are divided into two main groups: products of internal (Nutra) and external usage (skin, hair, nails care and more). While the second product group looks clear enough, Nutra products could need some clarification. Nutra is known as an abbreviation for nutraceutical supplements: performance and testosterone boosters, health vitamins, diet and skin care pills, etc.



Straight Sale (SS)

The advertiser charges a full price at once. The key advantage is that payouts are quicker, but they are lower than in COD & Trial offers. It’s attractive for the beginners, but experienced affiliates usually switch to the more profitable models.

Cash on Delivery

Customers leave the contact information only. Then a person from the advertiser’s call center gets in touch to confirm the order. In the end, the customer pays in cash to the delivery service. These leads are easier to convert, especially for GEOs where users are not accustomed to the credit cards.

Free Trial

Customers enter their shipping address & credit card number for later payments. By submitting this data on the advertiser’s landing page,  customers become leads. This is the most popular and quite an efficient way to sell H&B products.

An example of the free trial offer from the BizProfits Network



Facebook, Native ads, and Google AdWords are the most cost-effective traffic sources for the Nutra vertical, used in both black and white hat affiliate marketing. At the BizProfits Network, we provide our publishers with the full stack of white-hat landing pages.



If you’re only starting your business in Affiliate Marketing or switching to a new vertical, start monetizing traffic from the less competitive GEOs. You could try to promote products in the Eastern Europe, LATAM or Asia. Traffic in the US or UK is the most expensive worldwide, the competition is high, and the newbies trying to compete in these GEOs usually fail.

The traffic in Eastern Europe, LATAM or Asia could appear up to 10 times cheaper than in the USA and Western Europe. We recommend firstly to start with the emerging markets and focus on a limited amount of GEOs and subcategories to grow your expertise.



1. Healthy lifestyle trend. H&B products need to be organic, bio, natural ingredients only. Though their efficiency could be sometimes a questionable one, they couldn’t do any harm too.

2. Top ingredient trend. Some ingredients are always mastering the market — Goji Berry or Acai Berry trends were both big, for example. When a definite ingredient becomes extremely trendy, it’s time to grow your earning on it until it’s hot.

3. Seasonality. Some seasonal Nutra offers convert better during a certain period of the year. When this time comes, get the advantage of the huge seasonal effect. For example, each year diet products sales see an enormous growth during the Spring to Summer period.

The H&B industry is constantly growing and developing, offering a prominent future for its advertisers & publishers. We can provide you with a huge bundle of exclusive H&B offers and high-qualified support in monetizing your traffic by analyzing the flows & ad campaigns.

Get in touch at [email protected] to start riding the wave in the powerful Health & Beauty vertical!

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