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Google Trader binary options affiliate program
Google Trader binary options affiliate program

Google Trader CPA Offer

Biz opps have become popular over the last few years – and for a good reason: they are available anywhere, for anyone, and are quite easy to understand. Why not promote such a profitable offer to your English, German and Japanese-speaking audience?

Google Trader Affiliate Program

Offer category: Biz Opps Offers
Commissions: $350 CPA / $250 US
Available languages: English, German, Japanese
Geos: UK, US, CA, SG, NZ, AU, NO, FI, IE, NL, PT, ZA, IS, DK, DE, AT, CH, LI, LU, BE, JP
Offer type: First Time Deposit


Why promote the Google Trader CPA offer?

Google Trader will help your visitors make their first steps in online money making. An average user can make up to $1,800 in pure profit per day – these numbers will definitely attract traffic! For better results, use ready-made marketing materials from the advertiser and focus your efforts on localized versions as individual offers (localized pages target separate groups of geos).

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