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iPhone7 - Sweepstkes Affiliate Program
iPhone7 - Sweepstkes Affiliate Program

iPhone 7 - Color Picking CPL Offer

Why not target international audiences with sweepstakes offers? Here is a great one for traffic coming from a few different geos (localized LPs and individual offers for each one!)

iPhone 7 - Color Picking Affiliate Program

Offer category: Sweepstakes Offers
Commissions: $0.40 - $3 CPL
Available languages: Dutch, English, French
Geos: Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Australia
Offer type: SOI Per Lead


Why promote the iPhone 7 – Color Picking CPL offer?

Whether or not to promote this offer when the world is going crazy over the new iPhone is hardly a question. The real one is – why haven’t you already started? Can you imagine how many people will be willing to try? The offer includes several separate promotion opportunities for respective geos and languages.

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