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Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA Offer
Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA Offer

Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA Offer

Promote a luxurious rejuvenating formula based on powerful Dead Sea minerals and herbs. With the Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA offer, you are not limited to just US traffic and can target customers all over the world.

Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum Affiliate Program

Offer category: Skin Offers, Health & Beauty Offers
Commissions: $38 CPA
Cross-Sell: Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream CPA offer, $38 CPA for cross-sell
Available languages: English
Geos: US, CA, AU, UK, NZ
Offer type: Free Trial
Cookie tracking: 1 Year


Why promote the Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA Offer?
Dead Sea minerals are making waves on the international skin care arena – and rightly so. Numerous research studies have proved that they nourish and hydrate the facial skin while fighting off free radical damage. Individuals are experiencing unrivaled rejuvenating results.


The secret of the Dead Sea water is in its high content of salts. Being a hyper-saline lake, it consists of minerals by as much as 27%, making it more powerful than any other skin care ingredient. This facial serum CPA offer features a skin-care product that enhances the power of Dead Sea minerals with exotic herbs and thus helps users to achieve twice the rejuvenating effects. Unlike many other skin offers, this Dead Sea anti-aging serum is international-traffic-friendly and delivered worldwide. Take a look at the dedicated website now – it has incredible conversion potential. You can also upsell this product with a free trial of a luxurious Spa Elixir Dead Sea night cream to apply at night. See the offer here.


Customers using Life Essence Fortify Facial Serum will be able to reduce the number of wrinkles by 65%, restore their skin’s youthful vitality and improve collagen production. Aiming to deliver long-lasting results, the serum inhibits the development of aging spots and fine lines, helping your customers look as young as they feel. This serum is part of an anti-aging product series called ‘The Dead Sea Spa Elixir”, which includes an array of high-end Dead Sea products that promote younger and healthier facial skin. Contact us to find out more information about this Dead Sea line.


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