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Spa Elixir Nightime Cream CPA offer
Spa Elixir Nightime Cream CPA offer

Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream CPA offer

Taking care of the facial skin 24/7 - this is what this CPA offer is about. Featuring a night cream blended from Dead Sea minerals and herbs, it will leave no customer indifferent - especially since they have a chance to try it for free.

Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream Affiliate Program

Offer category: Skin Offers, Health & Beauty Offers
Commissions: $38 CPA
Cross-Sell: Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum CPA Offer, $38 CPA for cross-sell
Available languages: English
Geos: US, CA, AU, UK, NZ
Offer type: Free Trial
Cookie tracking: 1 Year

Why promote the Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream CPA offer?


Dead Sea minerals and salts have long since become synonymous to luxurious skin treatment. While each of them delivers unique skin benefits (Magnesium fights aging, Potassium balances skin moisture, etc.), if put together they can produce previously unknown and unheard of skin rejuvenating effects.


This is just the case with Nighttime Perfection Nourishment Cream – a new product from the Spa Elixir series. Blended from hand-picked salts and exotic herbs, it provides skin nourishment and hydration while you sleep.


Although it makes a perfect combo with another Spa Elixir solution, Life Essence Fortify Facial Serum, the night cream works just as well on its own, giving you the choice of how to position it for more successful marketing. If you decide to go for the combo, there won’t be any effort needed on your part – the Facial Serum is an organic, built-in upsell of this CPA offer.


Featuring an attractive and high-converting website, Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream CPA offer is just the right tool to achieve the results you weren’t able to get before. What is even better, you are not limited in your marketing efforts – the offer is appropriate for all kinds of traffic and the cream is delivered worldwide. BizProfits has a wide choice of skin and other health & beauty offers for all types of traffic and marketing goals. Unlock your potential with the leading CPA network!

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