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lifestyle affiliate program
lifestyle affiliate program

Survival Straw CPS Offer

A perfect lifestyle offer for those who target US survivalists and hikers. Email, display and social traffic only. Earn on every sale with a 75% discount

Survival Straw Affiliate Program

Offer category: E-commerce Offers
Commissions: $36 CPS
Available languages: English
Geos: United States
Offer type: Straight Sale



Why promote the Survival Straw CPS offer?

The offer features a filtration straw device that helps to procure drinking water in field conditions. The straw filters up to 1000 liters, which is equivalent to a year of drinking water. A built-in antibacterial activated carbon filter removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites such as e-coli, campylobacter, shigella, vibrio cholerae and salmonella. The device requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts. Just what any avid cyclist needs!

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