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Pokemon Go affiliate program

Win an iPhone 6 and 14500 Pokecoins CPL Offer

A survey CPL offer for New Zealand users. Make money on the Pokemon Go affiliate program while the hype lasts!

Win an iPhone 6 Affiliate Program

Offer category: Sweepstakes Offers
Commissions: $1.00 CPL
Available languages: English
Geos: New Zealand
Offer type: Per Lead

Why promote the Win an iPhone 6 and 14500 Pokecoins CPL Offer?

Have you seen how many people are playing Pokemon Go now? If not, let us tell you – the game is HUGE! People are ready to knock on strangers’ doors and roam the streets at 3 in the morning. You, as a savvy affiliate marketer, should not lose this amazing financial opportunity. Sign up to promote this Pokemon Go affiliate program and rake in profits. No incentivized or adult traffic allowed. Enjoy a set of creatives included in the offer!

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