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How do you prevent fraud?
Our fraud and compliance team constantly is monitoring all publisher traffic both automatically and manually to confirm it complies with our quality regulations. In addition, BizProfits.com only works with high quality publishers from the get-go, weeding out the majority of fraud traffic from our traffic pool.
What types of publishers work with your network & how do they promote my offers?
Our network works with a variety of strong, top converting publishers who work with safe, tried & tested marketing techniques to promote offers within our network. Some online marketing techniques used by our publishers include banners, native ads, text ads, search (PPC) ads, opt-in email campaigns, media buying, social networks, among other methods.
I am already working with several other networks. Why should I work with BizProfits as well?
BizProfits.com prides itself on offering a great pool of quality publishers in addition to top notch advertising support. By working with us, you will have access to many top performing publishers that may not be promoting with the others networks you work with. We also make sure our traffic stays high quality with intensive fraud and compliance checks.
Does it cost money to sign up as an Advertiser?
It’s 100% free to sign up and get started as an Advertiser with BizProfits.com.

Traffic & Leads

How do you track leads or sales generated on my offers?
All leads and sales are monitored and tracked through the Has Offers tracking system, with continual manual monitoring from our hands-on advertising team.
How much does BizProfits.com charge per lead?
The CPA payout is uniquely determined based on what offers you have for promotion. Together we will determine an appropriate payout amount for each specific offer that works for you as well as our publishers promoting your offers.
How can I optimize my traffic?
In our system backend we provide you with the ability to set up sub id tracking in order to monitor any leads and clicks driven to your offers, therefore giving you the ability to optimize your traffic.
How much traffic can you generate for my offers?
We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a large amount of high quality traffic. As to a specific volume amount, this largely depends on what kinds of offers you have and there are many different factors that can affect your lead outcome Contact us for a more specific evaluation of your offers’ potential.


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What is new publishers’ minimum threshold amount?
This varies from one product offer to the next. Speak to your account manager to get the exact numbers.
Which countries are your offers open to?
Some of our offers are restricted to certain countries and locations. Concerning our own health and beauty offers, we are happy to say that we ship worldwide. However, specific shipping restrictions may apply.
What offer types does BizProfits have?
BizProfits is one of the leading CPA networks out there. We provide product offers of the most popular verticals including weight loss free trials, skin care CPA offers, biz opps offers, binary options offers and we keep adding more categories.
Ok. I signed up. Now what?
Before you sign up, be sure to explore all our CPA offers so that by the time you sign up and log into your account, you will know exactly which offers you would like to promote. After signing up and getting approved by our affiliate team, the first thing we recommend visiting the Resources section where you will be able to find and download many different marketing materials. Under Resources, you will also find a variety of downloadable PDFs, each offering valuable how-to’s to help you maximize your promotion and earning power. If you wish, you can also contact your personal account manager for any specific questions you may have or tips you are searching for.
Are there any registration fees?
Absolutely not! It is 100% free to join our network as a publisher.
Who can join BizProfits as a publisher?
Anyone with an average knowledge of and experience in online marketing can join. If you are a total newbie, your account manager can guide you through the ins and outs of what it takes to promote offers online, but experience is highly recommended and preferred.


Do you offer 2nd-tier commission?
Yes! BizProfits encourages its publishers to invite their friends to join our network. This way you can increase your earnings through well-performing publishers you bring in, and make up to an extra 5% from your referred friend's commissions.
What is your publisher payout policy?
BizProfits CPA Affiliate Network makes payouts twice a month, guaranteed. We distribute payouts via PayPal, Epese, Paxum, WebMoney, and wire transfers with a maximum 2-day hold.
How will customer refunds affect my commissions?
By default we do not deduct customer refunds and chargebacks from affiliate commissions. In any case, our overall refunds and chargebacks rate stands at less than 1% of all orders to date.
Can I earn even more commission through cross-sells?
Yes! You can earn commission on every approved 2nd step order and cross-sell.
What are your offered commissions?
We offer highly competitive CPA commissions tracks in addition to CPL & CPS. With our unmatchable commissions, you have the ability of earning incredible profits based on the chosen vertical and offer. Check out our offers page where you can find an up-to-date list of all our current offerings. Choose from a selection of health and beauty CPA offers, biz opps offers, binary options offers, among others! Speak to your affiliate manager for further details.

Marketing Methods

Are there any marketing method restrictions I should know about?
We welcome the following marketing methods: We accept all mainstream marketing methods including display ads and PPC, SEO, SEM, opt-in mailing (as long as publishers comply with opt-in conduct guidelines), co-registration and social media marketing (SMM). We do not accept the following marketing methods: We do not accept marketing methods that generate traffic by the following illegitimate ways: incentivized traffic, survey traffic, unsolicited mailing and SPAM. Bizprofits do not allow any promotion in which users are offered any form of compensation for purchasing an advertiser’s products or services or taking any other actions on an advertiser’s website.
What marketing tools do you offer publishers?
The creative team at BizProfits CPA network has designed beautiful and highly converting websites, landing pages, banners, coupons and images for you to use. In addition, we offer state of the art downloadable templates and publisher user manuals. All these tools have been tested to ensure you will be able to attract potential shoppers and generate sales.
Do I need to have my own site(s) to start promoting your offers?
If you are using opt-in mailing as your main marketing method, you must have your own site to direct your traffic before redirecting this traffic to our sites. Generally speaking, having your own site can give you extra leverage in promoting our offers.

Tracking & Reports

I am concerned about performance transparency. What reporting do you offer?
BizProfits offers 100% transparency to its publishers when it comes to performance reporting and sales statistics. At your back-end account you will see all the referred orders and trials you have generated, their current status and all your commissions for approved sales. In the reports section you will also get all the data concerning the 2nd-tier commissions you have earned if you have referred a new publisher to us.
Do you offer long-term cookie tracking?
Yes, we offer lifetime cookie tracking to help you earn commissions off of returning customers.

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